Want to beat inflation - and buy a year's worth of pork? July is the last chance to place a pre-order for 2022.

Woodland Raised

We raise Red Wattle hogs, a heritage hog breed that is native to the eastern United States. Hogs move to new, temporary paddocks in the woods twice a week. They forage on plants, nuts, and bugs, and are supplemented with an NC grown and milled, non-GMO, 100% traceable feed. Hogs are raised seasonally (March-November).

Salami Trio Sampler

1 each of Ararat, Chorizo, and Truffle

Pork Chops (boneless)

2 chops/pkg, boneless

Halfsmoke Hot Dog

Four 3.5oz links per pack

Pork Chops

2 chops/pkg, bone-in