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Nourish Your Family & Support Good Farming

All-Natural Eggs, Meat, Dairy, & More

Nutrient-Dense, Pasture-Raised Foods

We mimic natural systems and prioritize quality of life so you can eat better food.

Rotationally grazed cattle, poultry, and hogs on pasture and in the woods

Higher concentrations of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and healthy fats in our meats

Partnerships with local farmers, restaurants, and retailers to support our local economy

Regenerative systems that nourish, build, and heal the soil

No GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones

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Who are we?

We are a small family farm, prioritizing health and community.


To steward creation and farm the soil through regenerative farming practices;

To respect the dignity of life by humanely raising animals;

To offer quality, nutrient-dense food to our family, friends, and community;

To offer hospitality and useful work through our community, food, and farm.

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