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Meet Your Farmers

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    Fr. Joe
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    The Help

Our Story

How did we become farmers?

We didn't grow up on farms. Ten years ago, we were just city people who didn't know anything about where food came from, or why it mattered.

In fact, when friends proposed the idea of moving out of the city and finding land, we thought it was preposterous. But, after some thought, we decided to give it a try. We began by volunteering on a vegetable garden a few times a week. From there, we received an opportunity to rent a house on that farm.

We started small.

When we began, we were just a homestead for our family and community - milking our dairy cow, raising a few broiler chickens and layer hens, and salvaging Grade B vegetables from the basement of our rented house.

In 2017, we decided to expand beyond our small homestead, and moved to our farm. As we cultivated our new land, we learned from friends and neighbors about the principles of regenerative agriculture - prioritizing the health of the soil, mimicking natural systems, and developing a holistic relationship among plants, animals, and people.

We still consider ourselves homesteaders and farmers.

Because we are raising food for our family and yours, we seek to grow the highest quality, most nutrient-dense, and local food possible.

Moreover, we farm on a human scale, so that everyone on the farm can participate, no matter how small or old. We work by hand as often as possible, and steward the diversity of our land for all life - the bees, the birds, and the wildlife, in addition to our livestock. 

We'd love to meet you!

Want to meet us - and see the farm in person? You can drop in on the first Saturday of each month for our "1st Saturdays on the Farm" event. We offer space for the kids to run around, activities and farm tours, and the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.