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Our Farming Practices

Raising Naturally Happy & Healthy Animals

Surrounded with Biodiversity

We rotationally graze our livestock: cattle, poultry, and hogs.

  • Cattle move daily, using temporary fencing. They are 100% raised and finished on grass, never supplemented with feed.
  • Meat poultry live in shelters on the pasture that we move daily. They are raised seasonally (March - October), so that they can spend their lives outdoors.
  • Layer hens are raised and forage on pasture. They receive supplemental, non-GMO feed that is NC-grown and milled and 100% traceable. We move their temporary fencing three times a week.
  • Red Wattle hogs live, forage, and root in the woods, moving to a new spot once a week. They receive supplemental, non-GMO feed that is NC-grown and milled and 100% traceable.

We operate on a human scale.

  • We brood, raise, and process our meat poultry ourselves, on the farm, to ensure the highest quality of life and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Our daily chores employ simple tools and limit our reliance on machinery to create a calm, safe environment for animals and people.
  • Our small-scale, pasture-based systems allow people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to participate.

We support our community.

  • We buy our supplemental feed for poultry and hogs from a local farmer, who raises non-GMO crops. This ensures that we know what goes into our feed, and where it is from - so that we can be transparent about what is going into your food.
  • We select cattle and hog breeds that have been bred by local, small-scale North Carolina farmers, and are specifically suited for our climate and area.
  • We partner with local farmers with similar farming practices to offer a diverse range of products to our consumers.
  • We offer our products through local retailers and restaurants to encourage consumers to shop in their community.

What does this look like?

Our Farming Protocols

Here are the practices that we follow for our farm direct products.

  • 100% North Carolina

    Born, raised, and processed locally in North Carolina. The only exception is poultry, which come to the farm immediately after hatching.

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  • Custom Exempt Processing

    We use custom exempt processing for selling bulk animals (whole or half cattle and hogs). Custom exempt processors process meat for private individuals, and this meat is only for the personal consumption of the individual and their family. These facilities are inspected for sanitation.

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  • GMO Free

    Animals receive feed that does not contain genetically modified organisms, such as GMO corn, soy, or wheat.

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  • Grass Fed & Finished

    All beef cows are 100% grass fed and finished. We practice intensive rotational grazing, moving our cattle twice a day to fresh pasture. They also have access to free-choice minerals. In the winter, they receive local hay while on pasture.

    Dairy cows in our herdshare program are 100% grass-fed, and are given alfalfa pellets as a treat while milking. We practice calf-sharing.

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  • Heritage Breed

    Animal breed is a traditional livestock breed that has been raised since pre-industrial agriculture. Our Red Wattle hogs are a heritage breed.

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  • Humanely Raised

    Animals are raised in conditions that promote their health and dignity of life. Animals are raised in a way that is conducive to their natural desires and habitat - being outdoors, foraging for plants and/or bugs, and moving to fresh pasture or woodlands regularly.

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  • NCDA Processing

    State-inspected processing facilities produce meat that is available for sale within the state of NC.

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  • No Antibiotics or Hormones

    Animals never receive hormones, steroids, or antibiotics on our farm.

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  • Non-Homogenized

    Milk is not homogenized, or it does not undergo the process in which fat droplets from milk are emulsified to combine the milk and cream. The cream will rise to the top and separate from the milk. Both raw and lightly pasteurized dairy products are non-homogenized.

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  • On Farm Processing

    Our poultry (chickens and turkeys) are processed by us, by hand, in our on-farm processing facility. Poultry processed on the farm is only available to be sold within North Carolina.

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  • Organic

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  • Pasteurized

    Milk is batch, or low-temperature pasteurized. This preserves some of the naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes while killing the pathogenic bacteria. Pasteurized products come from Ran-Lew Dairy.

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  • Pasture Raised

    Our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef cattle move twice a day to fresh pasture, following intensive rotational grazing practices. In the winter, they are supplemented with local hay.

    Our poultry are raised seasonally (March-November) on fresh pasture, with open air and sunshine. They move to new pasture daily, forage for bugs and receive an NC grown and milled, non-GMO, 100% traceable feed.

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  • Raw

    Product has not been processed at temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.

    Raw dairy products come from our herdshare program. Our herdshare cows are Jersey cows, who are 100% grass-fed, and are given alfalfa pellets as a treat while milking. They are rotated to fresh pasture, following intensive rotational grazing practices, and follow calf sharing practices.

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  • Regeneratively Farmed

    Our farm follows practices that regenerate the soil. This includes rebuilding topsoil, increasing biodiversity, improving water retention, supporting biosequestration, and strengthening the life of the soil and land.

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  • Soy-Free

    Product does not contain soy, and/or comes from an animal that has not received feed containing soy.

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  • Traceable Feed

    Our feed is grown, harvested, and milled by a farmer in Granville County, NC. Where it comes from, and how it is grown, can be traced from the seed to the feed bag.

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  • USDA Processing

    Animals are processed at a USDA-inspected facility.

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  • Woodland Raised

    We raise Red Wattle hogs, a heritage hog breed that is native to the eastern United States. Hogs move to new, temporary paddocks in the woods twice a week. They forage on plants, nuts, and bugs, and are supplemented with an NC grown and milled, non-GMO, 100% traceable feed. Hogs are raised seasonally (March-November).

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