Want to feel great all day long? Here's how protein helps you do that.

Here's how pasture-raised meat makes us slow down - and be thankful.

Living on a farm, I’m often struck by the distinction between the hyper-efficiency and convenience of our man-made lives, and the slow and deliberate pace of plant and animal life. Often, this contrast is painted in rosy terms: Slow down! Smell the roses! Stop and take a moment to breathe! You know what, though? Sometimes stopping and smelling the roses makes things harder. Or at least that’s how it feels. After all, if they’re my roses…doesn’t that mean I have to take care of them? Feed them? Prune them? Is smelling the roses just creating more work when I’m already overwhelmed?

Can pasture-raised meat make you feel better?

Can you remember the last time the food you ate made you feel a certain way? When I became a vegetarian thirteen years ago, I would often tell others that I felt better when I didn’t eat meat. Such positive feelings were quickly eclipsed, however, by ill health caused from anemia and vitamin deficiency. I realize now that my body was reacting to the way food was raised. I reacted negatively to the additives, hormones, and drugs that were put into animals. (And I didn't want to eat animals raised that way!) However, I was also missing the nutrition that industrial farming practices remove from their meat products.

Where Does a Pig Want To Live?

What made you commit to eating pasture-raised meat? Was it environmental concerns? Did you feel like you needed to make a change for your health? Were you horrified by the industrial standards for eating meat?