Want to feel great all day long? Here's how protein helps you do that.

Why is soil so important? Here's how it sustains all life.

Although you may not know it, soil is the heartbeat of a community. Its presence determines whether food can be grown, and thus if the community can survive. But the health and quality of that soil also determines the nutritional content in our food – in other words, if there’s actually anything in it to fuel our bodies.

On a budget? You can still eat nutrition dense food, like pasture-raised eggs.

"I can't afford pasture-raised meat." If you feel this way, you're not alone. We hear this frequently, and we get it! You might be relieved to know, however, that you can still get similar - if not better - nutritional results from animal-based foods, even if you're not eating meat. The truth is that all animal-sourced foods provide essential vitamins, macro- and micro-nutrients, and minerals. And some of the most nutrient-dense foods are also the most budget-friendly.