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Can pasture-raised meat make you feel better?

Can you remember the last time the food you ate made you feel a certain way? When I became a vegetarian thirteen years ago, I would often tell others that I felt better when I didn’t eat meat. Such positive feelings were quickly eclipsed, however, by ill health caused from anemia and vitamin deficiency. I realize now that my body was reacting to the way food was raised. I reacted negatively to the additives, hormones, and drugs that were put into animals. (And I didn't want to eat animals raised that way!) However, I was also missing the nutrition that industrial farming practices remove from their meat products.

Where Does a Pig Want To Live?

What made you commit to eating pasture-raised meat? Was it environmental concerns? Did you feel like you needed to make a change for your health? Were you horrified by the industrial standards for eating meat?