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Is fresh really better than frozen? It depends.

"Fresh, never frozen." You've heard this before, right? It's a catchy slogan because it sounds appealing. Who doesn't want fresh food? Furthermore, you probably have all kinds of associations with "fresh" food. Does it sound healthier to you? Does it sound better? More nutritionally dense?

Raw Honey is the Bee's Knees Around Here.

Is raw honey one of your kitchen staples?You may think of honey as just another sweetener - something to drizzle on baked goods or scoop in your tea when you're feeling ill. But raw honey is actually a powerhouse food. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and full of beneficial enzymes, honey has the capacity to heal, provide important nutrition, and sweeten your food.

A Meditation on Farming and Patience

In our modern age, we’re conditioned to be constantly productive creatures. We must show something for our time, or if we allow ourselves to do nothing, we often feel that we must make excuses for it. One of the great challenges of farming, I’ve learned, is that if you continue to push this attitude of constant overproductivity, you will cause destruction in your wake.