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Home Delivery: How Does It Work?

July 9, 2021

Want your order delivered to your door? Here's how home delivery works!

Home delivery provides you with the option to have your food delivered to your door - whether you're at home, at work, or doing something else. Rather than remembering and driving to a pickup location, we'll bring the order directly to you.

Here's how home delivery works.

Signing Up

If you live in one of our delivery zones, and don't have an account yet, sign up and select "Home Delivery" as your pickup location.

Already have an account set to another pickup location? Find your pickup location in the header and select "CHANGE". Confirm your preferred zip code, and select "Home Delivery" as your new pickup option.

Delivery Details

Time and Logistics

Home delivery occurs every other Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning this Tuesday, July 13. Your delivery date is determined by your zip code, and will always remain the same.

The day of delivery, you will receive an estimated delivery time for your order. Generally speaking, you can most often expect deliveries to occur in the mid-to-late afternoon. The specific delivery time will depend upon other deliveries and pickups for that day.

You do not need to be home when we deliver! Simply leave out a cooler with ice packs and we will place your order in there. (If you forget, we'll have insulated bags and cooler packs on hand as backup.)

If you have delivery instructions, please include them in the order notes or email michelle@littlewayfarmsilercity.com.


The deadline to place an order for home delivery is the previous Sunday at 11:59 PM. For example, to receive home delivery on either Tuesday, July 13 or Wednesday, July 14, the order deadline is Sunday, July 11 at 11:59 PM.


In order to make home delivery a viable option for our family and farm, we've made a few pricing adjustments for customers who select this option.

  • There is a minimum order of $50.
  • For orders between $50 and $150, there will be a $10 delivery fee. The delivery fee is waived for orders over $150.

Our pricing is determined by pickup location. Consequently, there will be a slight price increase for individual items for customers who select home delivery.

Questions, comments, or feedback? Email Michelle at michelle@littlewayfarmsilercity.com.

Michelle Sroka
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