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Whole Lamb

Whole Lamb

Pay a $325 deposit NOW. Your balance will be due upon delivery. We expect to harvest lamb in July 2024.

Available July '24

Want to change the way you access food?

A whole lamb is the best way to start buying meat in bulk.

Buying in bulk is a transformational experience. Our customers tell us that:

  • They have greater food security. They're no longer stressed about rising prices or supply chain problems.
  • Meal planning is easier. They're able to pull meat out the freezer, find a recipe, and put together a meal.
  • They eat at home more often. Because they've made a financial investment, they're more likely to commit to cooking at home - and to feel satisfied from eating healthy, low-cost meals.
  • They feel better because they're consistently eating quality food. Our lambs are 100% grass-fed - which means you're receiving the highest-quality meats, with significantly more vitamins and minerals than any meat you'll purchase at the store.
  • They find inspiration in the kitchen. Purchasing a whole animal means cooking new cuts, finding new recipes, and creating new flavors.

The best part? Compared to buying pork or beef in bulk, buying a whole lamb is a much smaller financial commitment and easier to fit into an existing freezer.

How does it work?

When you purchase the lamb, you'll select your custom cuts and desired weight. A 100-lb lamb will yield approximately 40-45 pounds of bone-in and ground meat, not including soup bones and head (which are available if desired).

You will pay according to the hanging weight, or the weight of the animal after the head, hide, and feet are moved. Typical cut options include:

  • rack of lamb or lamb chops
  • loin chops (1-1.5 inches thick)
  • shoulder roast or blade chops
  • leg roast or leg steaks
  • shanks
  • ribs or riblets
  • cubed stew meat
  • ground lamb
  • soup bones and
  • offal (heart, kidney, liver)

Want more ground or stew meat? We can accommodate that! Typically, the shoulders and shanks are used depending on the needs or flavor preference of the customer.

You will tell us how you want the animal processed for your culinary needs.

Ready to order? 

Click the "Pre-Order" button to reserve your lamb.

You will be charged a $325 deposit, which will be applied to your final price.

The total price includes the lamb, all processing fees, and home delivery if you live within our delivery zone.

Have questions? Contact us using this form or email Joe at joe@littlewayfarmsilercity.com.