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Whole Lamb

Whole Lamb

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We offer the option to purchase a whole lamb from us and have it custom cut and packaged at Chaudhry Halal Meats in Siler City or Mitchell's Meats in Walnut Cover. With a whole lamb, this allows our customers the flexibility to choose how each part of the animal is broken down for their culinary needs. It also provides the option of going in on a whole lamb with family and/or friends to get high quality lamb at a much more affordable price per pound.

A 90-lb lamb will yield approximately 35-40 pounds of bone-in meat and ground, not including soup bones and head (if desired). The fee is based on the hanging weight (after the head, hide, and feet are removed). Typical cut options are as follows:

  • rack of lamb or lamb chops
  • loin chops (1-1.5 inches thick)
  • shoulder roast or blade chops
  • leg roast or leg steaks
  • shanks
  • ribs or riblets
  • cubed stew meat
  • ground lamb
  • soup bones and
  • offal (heart, kidney, liver)

If more ground or stew meat is desired, typically the shoulders and shanks are used depending on the needs or flavor preference of the customer.

$250 deposit due at time of reservation. Price includes lamb, all processing fees, and delivery within our delivery area.