Sweet, spicy, AND local? Check out our new Manganero Beer Sausage.
Manganero Beer Sausage

Manganero Beer Sausage

Four 3.5oz links per pack

Are you looking for a pork link with a little spice and an original taste? Do you want to eat something that supports a local farm AND a local business?

This sausage pairs our woodland-raised pork with Pressure Drop IPA from Thirsty Skull Brewing, a local brewery in our hometown of Siler City. Organic mangos and habanero peppers compliment the beer and pork, creating a taste that's savory, sweet, and spicy.

This beer sausage is made by MeatCrafters, which creates small-batch sausages. As with all their products, all spices are fresh and hand ground the morning of production.



LWF pork, Thirsty Skull Pressure Drop IPA, organic dried mango, habanero peppers, shallots, sea salt, garlic, rosemary, lemon zest, black pepper, allspice, and black cardamom. CONTAINS GLUTEN.