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December Harvest: Whole Beef

December Harvest: Whole Beef

$1,000 deposit
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Save 10-20% off retail prices by buying in bulk. Stock your freezer. Reduce your trips to the grocery store by always having healthy, local, sustainably raised beef available.

Whole/half animals are purchased by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight taken immediately after slaughter, but before final trim. Hanging weight for a whole cow is typically 550 lbs. This price is all inclusive. It includes the beef, all processing fees (including slaughter and packaging), and home delivery of the finished product.

A whole beef is about 350 lbs., with the following breakdown:

  • Steaks: ~60lbs.
  • Roasts/ribs: ~110lbs
  • Ground beef, stew, cubed: ~180lbs

$1000 deposit due at time of reservation.