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Chicken Necks

Chicken Necks

2 lb. avg/pkg
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Chicken necks are the perfect ingredient for a hearty, nutritious broth.

Economical and easy to make, they're one of the best ways to make better meals.

Like all organ meat, necks are some of the most nutrient-dense food that you can consume. And they're even better when sourced from all-natural, truly pastured chicken that spends 100% of their days outdoors.

Our chickens are non-GMO, supplemented with an NC-grown and milled feed that we source direct from the farmer. And our chickens are healthy and happy, scratching cow pies and foraging for bugs and grass. We move them to fresh pasture daily for the best quality of life.

And they're even better bought in bulk! Stock up on our 10-pack of chicken necks so you have everything you need to make the best broth anytime.