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Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Gizzards

1 lb. avg/pkg
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Why should you eat your gizzards? To get your vitamins!

Gizzards are often overlooked, but they're bursting with nutrition.

Rich in protein, gizzards are an excellent source of B12 vitamins, zinc, iron, and phosphorus.

And the benefits extend beyond humans -- gizzards are one of the best foods to make raw pet food or treats for your dog or cat.

If you're new to cooking gizzards, we recommend boiling them first. Boiling tenderizes the texture and reduces the bitterness that's naturally present in their uncooked state. After boiling, we love them either sauteed or fried. (And here's our favorite recipe!)

These gizzards come from chickens raised out on pasture. They're raised 100% outdoors, moved to fresh pasture daily, and forage on bugs and fauna. They are supplemented with a non-GMO, 100% traceable ration from a local farmer that we directly source from.