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All Purpose Flour (5lb)

All Purpose Flour (5lb)

Organic, Unbleached

An essential ingredient in the kitchen - without the extra processing.

Certified organic and unbleached, Lindley Mills Organic Flour is a healthier option to make all your baked goods.

A versatile flour, it's hearty enough to make bread, but gentle enough for scones, cakes, and pastries.

And since it's unbleached, you'll avoid the harsh chemicals - and gain a slighter deeper, heartier taste.

But it isn't just about the quality of the flour. You're also supporting a local, smaller-scale mill, too. Lindley Mills is a ninth-generation mill, located in Alamance County - just about 20 minutes from our farm.

Quick Tip: For enhanced nutrition, we love to use all-purpose flour with Super Sprout Wheat Flour in recipes.