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15 dz. Eggs

15 dz. Eggs

15 doz
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Eggs with a rich yolk, high nutrition, and a long shelf life. 

Oh the versatile egg. Hard boiled, over easy, scrambled, quiche, in baked goods, the list goes on and on. When raised properly, they are a healthy kitchen staple to always have on hand.

Our pasture-raised hens spend their days foraging in the pasture for bugs, and scratching up cow manure. They are rotated three times a week, following our cows to help control parasites and promote the health of our animals and the land. In addition to their natural bug foraging, they are fed a ration that is GMO free, NC grown and milled, and 100% traceable.

And our eggs are FRESH -- the date on your box is the date that they're laid. And that means that they'll last weeks, if not months.