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10 Pack: Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage

10 Pack: Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage

Lean and flavorful, this hand-ground sausage is the perfect replacement for pork.

Our chicken sausage is ground and seasoned by hand on the farm. It is 100% derived from lean breast meat - never made with odds, ends or unsavory pieces, like you'll find at the grocery store.

It's versatile and can be cooked like breakfast sausage, crumbled in soup or casseroles, or as a replacement for any pork sausage.

As you might imagine, this pairs perfectly with pasta! Cook with a traditional marinara sauce, or switch things up with lemon or pesto.

Our chickens are pasture-raised, receiving a local, 100% traceable and non-GMO supplemental feed. They spend their days in the sunshine, foraging for bugs, and are moved daily to a new area of pasture.

Quick Tip: Ground chicken sausage stores well! Stock up on multiple packs in the freezer - they'll last a long time and only take up a small amount of room.



Chicken Breast, Salt, Spices (including Fennel and Black Pepper), Sugar.