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10 Pack - Chicken Tender

10 Pack - Chicken Tender

6 tenders/pkg.
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Tenders make a quick, easy, and flavorful meal.

Our chicken tenders are cut by hand on the farm, and come from humanely raised, truly pastured chickens.

Tenders are one of our most popular chicken items. Whether you're making healthy, homemade chicken "nuggets", dipping them in buttermilk and frying them, or using them as alternative to chicken breast, they're a healthy and delicious option for chicken lovers.

Tenders are cuts of meat that come from the breast. They are boneless and skinless, making them a convenient option for quick and easy meals. And they're done by us, in our on-farm processing area.

Our pasture-raised chickens are 100% natural. They are moved to fresh grass every day and have access to sunlight and fresh air all day long. They're supplemented with a NC-grown and milled, farm-direct, non-GMO feed and receive no antibiotics, chemicals, or additives.