Want to beat inflation - and buy a year's worth of pork? July is the last chance to place a pre-order for 2022.
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Whole and Half Hogs - available for pre-order now!

Hogs will be harvested and ready in June and July 2022.

Have you ever considered buying your pork in bulk?

Much like a vegetable CSA, buying meat in bulk can be beneficial for the consumer and the farmer. You can...

  • Exercise more control over what you want and when you want it,
  • Save a significant amount of money by buying ahead, and 
  • Provide extra support to your farmer by committing to a large share of their product.

However, buying woodland-raised pork from a regenerative farm also has significant health impacts.

Pasture-raised pork contains significantly higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, conjugated linoleic acid, and vitamins A, D, and E. All of these have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and also support your joints and immune system.

Moreover, conventionally raised pork has been classified as a Group 2A carcinogen, meaning that it likely causes cancer, due to the carcinogenic chemicals that processed meat contains.

But why should you buy in bulk?

  • In today's economy, buying in bulk is a smart move. Not only do you save on retail prices (between 10-20%, depending upon the size of your pig), but you can also buy a year (or more) supply of meat - at a fixed price that won't be subject to inflation.
  • Buying in bulk also gives you the freedom to decide what you want - and to plan ahead. Want a ham for Christmas dinner? Want to stock up on bacon and sausage for breakfasts? When you buy in bulk, you decide which cuts you want, and how much you want of each.
  • Financially, buying in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying pasture-raised meat at retail prices. At $5.49/lb, an average whole hog (about 170 lbs.) will provide your family with a year's worth of meat - for an average of only $17/week.

Are you interested? Let's talk about the nitty-gritty of purchasing in bulk.

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Whole Hog

We sell our whole hogs by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight taken immediately after slaughter, but before final trim. This price is all inclusive. It includes the hog, all processing fees (including slaughter, packaging, and curing of bacon), and home delivery of the finished product.

Whole hogs are sold for $5.49/lb.

A whole hog will usually yield about 170 lbs. in take home cuts, with the following breakdown:

  • 16lbs bacon and bacon ends
  • 24lbs pork chops
  • 16lbs shoulder roasts
  • 12 lbs spare ribs
  • 80 lbs sausage
  • 5 lbs shanks
  • 10 lbs neck bones

A $200 deposit is due at time of reservation. The remaining amount will be paid by cash or check upon delivery.

Half Hog

Half hogs are sold for $5.99/lb.

A 1/2 hog will be about 85 lbs., with the following breakdown:

  • 8lbs bacon and bacon ends
  • 12lbs pork chops
  • 8lbs shoulder roasts
  • 6 lbs spare ribs
  • 40 lbs sausage
  • 2.5 lbs shanks
  • 5 lbs neck bones

A $100 deposit is due at time of reservation. The remaining amount will be paid by cash or check upon delivery.

Questions? Concerns? Want to know more? Email us at michelle@littlewayfarmsilercity.com.