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1/2 Hog

1/2 Hog

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Save 10-20% off retail prices by buying in bulk. Stock your freezer. Reduce your trips to the grocery store by always having healthy, local, sustainably raised beef available.

Whole/half animals are purchased by the hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight taken immediately after slaughter, but before final trim. This price is all inclusive. It includes the hog, all processing fees (including slaughter, packaging, and curing of bacon), and home delivery of the finished product.

A 1/2 hog will be about 85 lbs., with the following breakdown:

  • 8lbs bacon and bacon ends
  • 12lbs pork chops
  • 8lbs shoulder roasts
  • 6 lbs spare ribs
  • 40 lbs sausage
  • 2.5 lbs shanks
  • 5 lbs neck bones

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