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Pork Ground Chorizo Sausage

Pork Ground Chorizo Sausage

Our favorite way to add spice to a meal.

Our woodland-raised chorizo elevates any dish. 

The carefully balanced blend of premium pork, selected spices, and the natural richness from pasture-raised living creates a symphony of smokiness, warmth, and paprika-infused goodness.

Cooking this versatile sausage is a breeze—whether grilling, pan-searing, or incorporating it into existing recipes. Simply cook until golden brown to release its irresistible aroma.

Explore culinary creativity with chorizo tacos, a chorizo and egg breakfast hash, stuffed peppers, pasta dishes, or a chorizo and potato skillet for quick, flavorful meals.



pork, blend of chili peppers, salt, vinegar, spices, garlic powder, spice extractives, less than 2% silicon dioxide added as an anticaking agent