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100% Pasture-Raised Eggs

100% Pasture-Raised Eggs

1 dozen delicious, truly pastured eggs.
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Eggs that heal the land - with superior flavor and quality.

Our eggs are so fresh and clean, it's as if they came right out of your backyard.

These hand-collected eggs are unlike anything you'll find at the grocery store. Their creamy yolks, high nutrition, and longevity are the result of how they're raised. No green washed labels here! Our practices prioritize the health of our land and animals. 

Our hens are 100% truly pastured. Our hens are outdoors all day, 365 days a year. They spend their days foraging for bugs, scratching up cow manure, and supplementing with non-GMO, 100% traceable, NC-grown and milled feed.

Our hens help replenish and restore the land. Layer hens work within a holistic system to reduce parasites, distribute manure for optimal soil nutrition, and fertilize the land.

Our hens have access to the best quality pasture - and nutrition. We move our hens' mobile housing to fresh pasture 3 days a week. This ensures that they always have best forage and diet. Chickens are not vegetarian - truly pastured hens need protein in the form of bugs and critters!

Our hens lay and rest according to natural cycles. We never use artificial lights to stimulate laying.

These practices result in delicious eggs with rich yolks, high nutrition, and a long shelf life.

    And our eggs are FRESH -- the date on your box is the date that they're laid. And that means that they'll last MONTHS in your refrigerator!