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4 - Whole Milk (Gallons)

4 - Whole Milk (Gallons)

Cream Top
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Ran-Lew Dairy milk is wholesome and natural, pretty much the way it came out of the cow. And it's bottled right on the farm!

Our milk is batch, or low-temperature pasteurized​​​, preserving the naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes while killing the pathogenic bacteria. 

​​You won't find those top-quality nutrients and enzymes in milk from the big industrial food companies -- they've been altered by fast, high-temperature, ultra-pasteurization used to gain additional shelf-life.

And our milk is non-homogenized -- the cream rises to the top after it's been sitting. Homogenization is a process that breaks the milk fat globules into tiny, uniform bits so it does not need to be shaken.

​​Some researchers have found that the relatively large, non-homogenized milk-fat globules bind much more readily with the nutrients (like vitamins A & D) found in the liquid portion of milk. The nutrient-carrying globules travel to the stomach and gut where they release the nutrients for use by the body.

​​Milk fat, in its natural state, can make its way through the human digestive tract. Some people who are lactose intolerant tell us they are able to drink our milk without problems.