Trying to reduce food waste in the kitchen? Make a whole chicken part of your kitchen routine.


16 oz. glass jar

Our raw, 100% natural honey is the secret ingredient in our kitchen.

Whether we're basting, whipping up a treat, or soothing a sore throat, we always have a bottle on hand.

This honey comes from our friend Dustin at Blue Fork Creek Farm. It's sourced and bottled twice a year, resulting in new flavors and colors that truly reflect the best kind of seasonal, local food.

It contains both pollen and propolis, which work to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system.

There's always a use for honey in the kitchen. We love making honey-glazed nuts, creating rich sauces for our meat, and adding a spoonful to our tea.

Tip: Raw honey will crystallize, or solidify, over time. To liquefy, heat a pot of water on the stove until warm, and place jar in water until honey liquefies.